What to Expect

The Poodle shop services

cleanliness policy

The Poodle Shop set the standards in care and cleanliness. We clean and disinfect all of our common areas (cages, crates) in between each and every pet. It is our duty to make sure we safely handle and care for our 4 legged friends. Each pet gets to rest on a clean towel after their groom and even the elderly pets have a nice layer to their area so that their joints and bones are not compromised.  We offer (water) bottle service and potty walks all throughout the day.

time is important

If you have a time constraint, let us know when you know. At the time you are dropping off, picking up and rescheduling, or even call us the day before. We can usually figure out how to accommodate your request. If we do not know you need to pick up your pet by a certain time, and our schedule is running behind – that will cause a ripple in the timing of everything. Add 5-10 pets to the schedule and you can see why our time is so valuable. We appreciate any notice of ripples 

we cater to all breeds

Grooming Services

Rough In

 (as we in the industry call it) ~ Trim nails, then go back over with a nail grinder to get the edges smooth and even get the nails SHORTER! Yes, groomers can do it. Shorten those bad boys up. We pluck access ear hair from the canal (most dogs do not require this procedure, but we always check. Haircut breeds such as poodles, shih tzus, schnauzers and similar mixes usually do), do a sanitary trim (lightly clippering the hair from the rectum and between legs where urine and feces can build up on the girl and boy parts) this isn’t really a friendly topic, so let’s just call it the “danger zone”. We will clean up the “danger zone”. We may even do a little pre-brushing. On a Poodle, we always do the clean feet/face and set tail here too. 5-20 minutes for rough in.


(where we get our baths too, usually) ~ The first bath is geared towards cleaning the dirt/debris free from your pet. We will check the glands, make sure they need to be expressed first. Most big dogs handle it themselves. Little ones, they are the diva’s. This is also the time when we will flush the ears. If the pet has ear infections or particularly dirty ears, the flushing will help clean and prep for medicine. The second bath targets the coat. De-shedding, Volumizer, Texturizer, Whitening, Medicated etc… Then, we pick a conditioner. What does your pet need? Re-Moisturizer? Coat building? Anti-Static? Repairing? After all is said and done, your pet is like play dough in our hands. Who wouldn’t love a warm bubble bath with all the above massaged into the coat? We also use this time to ‘train the puppies’. Puppies tend to leap and lunge and basically, just don’t understand what is going on. This is our time to teach them to enjoy it. Do you really want to rush that?! 15-60 minutes for bathing process.

Blow Dry

(we gently put cotton in the ears to absorb any access water, this also buffers the noise from our HV dryers) A High Velocity dryer is then used to dry the coat. Some coats need more, some need less. We base this on the finish required. Starting with the legs and working our way to the head. Most dogs are afraid of this process IF not handled correctly. We use this as a training time as well. Most dogs are great for this once they understand we are not hurting them and they quite like the ‘massage’ feel under their necks and on their backs. A pet’s coat can be straightened at this point. Dead hair can be blown out (de-shedding happens during bath and dry – NOT brushing for hours!) And even some de-matting occurs during the drying process. They may spend a few minutes in our state of the art cage dryer at this point. It circulates air around their body, allowing all dampness to go away. Elderly pets do better resting during this time. I even have clients who demand that I put them back in there before going home. Yes, dogs are demanding! Typical drying time: 10-120 minutes.

finish work

(ahhhhhh, almost done!) The pet is now brought back out front, we are doing the final brush out. We make sure all matts are gone (your pet should NEVER leave a grooming salon with matts. PERIOD) We make sure your pet is dry and coat is ready to be trimmed (if applicable) and add the finishing touches.

If your pet is getting a haircut, we will style it to the best of our ability. They are, after all, moving targets. Please do not come early to pick up your pet, if they are on the table, it is often times hard to calm them down after seeing their human parents. We do our best to handle the pets in our care, no matter who is coming in the door. Pet groomers get a bad rap sometimes. We just know ‘pets’, we are told ‘my dog is not a show dog’, we are told to do the bare minimums. But, you know what. We treat this as fun and art. To be able to trim a dog or cat as its owner has asked and make it look pleasing is a task all in itself. To do a show trim, a task all in itself. To create a bond, a task we take pride in. We require time. That is all. Time to do what we love and to allow you to love what we do for you and your pet! Finish, 10-240 minutes

About Us

The Poodle Shop is an All Breed Dog Grooming Spa. We offer multiple services for your 4 legged friends. 

what to expect

Experience and professionalism.  We’re here for your pet!


Our pricing is structured around the time it takes to groom a particular breed. Check out our pricing page here. 

Extra surprises

Additional Services

The oogie boogies

Sometimes we run into oogie boogies. Or fleas and ticks and ugh, dare I say, lice. YES, there ARE IN FACT FLEAS IN COLORADO. There are over 80 species of fleas in Colorado to be exact. Feeling a little itchy? I bet. So, when we find external bugs, we treat your pet in a shampoo geared directly for that purpose. There is an additional cost of $20-40 based on severity. We will call you and let you know so that you can treat their surroundings. This probably means you have to wash your bedding too. Yup. We know where the pets sleep!

How does my dog get oogies?  Well, typically, camping, lakeside grasses, doggie parks, doggie daycares, walking along a canal where wildlife frequents, oh and don’t forget all those cute bunnies hopping around your yard.  The best thing to do is prevent it.  Ask your veterinarian about a spot on treatment.  I highly recommend this from March thru October.  Just protect your pet.  That is all 


We do have them and yes, they are mandatory


Okay, we mean they like to leave teeth marks.  Maybe on our hands, arms or grooming tools.  Some pet’s just dislike being groomed.  Sometimes we have to do what they don’t like.  Kind of like the dentist.  Even the grumpiest of pets go home happier.  Admit it.  But, it does make our jobs a bit more challenging.  It is okay.  We actually deal with this quite a bit.  There are different levels of severity, thus a fluctuating ‘special handling’ may be added.  Again, we base all of our prices on time and this does add a big time factor.

Extra goodies?

On your pet’s hind side?  Maybe you notice it on the pillow as they are sleeping next to you. 

Severe Matting

Did you just adopt a pet?  Maybe someone was caring for your pet for an extended time, or so you thought?  Or perhaps your pet doesn’t let you brush them.  You’ve come to the right spot.  We will help you get on track.  But, in the mean time, it will require more of our time to alleviate your pet of this hairy problem.  I do maintain the right to keep said “pelts” for my walls.  After all, we take pride in our work, even if it means taking it off in one piece.  Moving forward, we will help you gain confidence in brushing or allowing us to maintain that coat for you!


Call Us!


Please allow 2-4 hours per pet.

“Rachel has been grooming our golden doodle and chug for almost 8 years and she is the best! She is kind, gentle, loves dogs, and does a great job every time. We also call last minute and she always fits us in when she can, and my dogs don’t mind going at all. She even gives Christmas gifts. We live on the opposite end of town but wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Amanda M.