What We Charge

Our pricing is structured around the time it takes to groom a particular breed.

Our pricing is structured around the time it takes to groom a particular breed, of a standard size, in good shape. What does ‘in good shape mean’? Well, it means your pet is groomed regularly (every 5-8 weeks), they’re free of matting (can be brushed out in minimal time) and behaves for their grooming service (doesn’t want to draw out the grooming process by showing us how well he/she can use their teeth or letting their bodily functions become a deterrence). I’m being partially silly. Groomer’s do experience all of these things. The good ones work around it and do what they can to make your pet have a comfortable experience so that *hopefully* down the road, they may actually learn to enjoy it! Does that mean every pet fits into this category? No way! We’d all love for those perfect conditions. But, as in most humans, a lot of our furry friends have things go on in their lives that add challenge to the grooming process.

Let us be your solution

We love working with pets and watching them grow. Grow in security, happy to be groomed. Grow in love, knowing we care for them. Grow in happiness, knowing this is a safe place where they can be themselves and we understand them. We pride ourselves in having our four legged clients go home happy. We want them to go home and strut their stuff. Please understand; it does take time for a new ‘client’ to trust their ‘groomer’. It is a change. Dogs prefer routine and it would be great to have your groomer (who ever you choose) become part of that. Most new clients will be directed towards the groomer who would best suit them. If you would like to request a specific groomer, please do so upon making your appointment.

Our Pricing Policy

So, here we go, prices. All of our prices are subject to change based on all of the above. We typically start all trims at $75 and all baths around $55 (remember there are Chihuahuas and St. Bernards that get baths). We will suggest maintenance schedules for your pet. Typically, those pets are coming in every 2-8 weeks. Again, all based on coat type and breed. Ask us about our guidelines for puppies, senior pets and pets that get hand stripped.  If you would like a better idea of cost, please don’t hesitate to bring your pet in for a free consultation!

You are welcome to stop by anytime for a nail trim and grind.  Its $20 and no appointment is necessary.

We do not offer walk in gland expression or light trimming.

So, what do you charge?

I’m glad you asked! All prices are based on the time it takes for THAT BREED, OF AVERAGE SIZE, IN GOOD CONDITION. 
Please view our pricing list to see an approximate charge for your pet. Special needs can be discussed over the phone or in person.

Small Bath Dogs

$45 and up

Medium Bath Dogs

$55 and up

Large-Giant Bath dogs 

$75 and up

Small Basic Trimmed Dogs

$65 and up

(Papillion/Pomeranians/LH Chi/Min LH Dach and likewise)

Small-Med Trimmed Dogs

$75 and up

(Shih Tzu/Lhasa/Yorkie/Maltese/Toy Poodle/Schnauzer and likewise) 

Med-Large Trimmed Dogs

$105 and up

(Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, SCWT, KBT, Smaller Doodles and likewise mixes).

Large-Giant Trimmed Dogs

$145 and up

 (Standard Poodles, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Bouviers getting a haircut after full bath and blow dry to remove dead coat as well as similar mixes).

Giant Breeds

$185 and up

 (Bath/Blowdry/Undercoat Removal – Great Pyr, Newfies, OES, St Bernards and similar sized dogs) $185 and up.

(Any Scissor/All Over Body or Clipper work – Great Pyr, Newfies, OES, St Bernards and similar sized dogs) $225 and up.

Call Us!


We allow nail trims to be done on a walk in basis.

“Rachel has been grooming our golden doodle and chug for almost 8 years and she is the best! She is kind, gentle, loves dogs, and does a great job every time. We also call last minute and she always fits us in when she can, and my dogs don’t mind going at all. She even gives Christmas gifts. We live on the opposite end of town but wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Amanda M.