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The Poodle Shop Reference Links

Veterinarians – Rachel’s personal veterinarian and friend. Orthopedic and Puppy Pediatric specialists. – Next door! Our local veterinarian aficionado. – Emergency Veterinarian off of Hampden and Santa Fe open 24 hours.

Associations – The International Cat Association (TICA) – American Kennel Club  -Cat Fancier’s Association, shows, breed knowledge etc… – Human Society of South Platte Valley

Local Businesses – Colorado’s First Feline Exclusive Grooming Spa, Located in Historic Old Town Littleton – Love the dogs? Who doesn’t. Check them out here! – Local pet supply store with fun gifts, great foods and friendly staff — This is just a fabulous shop in Downtown Littleton. Kelly can special order anything you don’t find.  She has a keen sense of pet nutritional needs!

Dog Shows & Training – Find out more about dog shows here, schedules of events, directions, premium lists – Combining the best of today’s philosophies and techniques, with over 60 years of professional experience