Frequently Asked Questions

I Just Don’t Think I Am Doing It Right?

If you would like to learn how to properly brush out your pet, we would be happy to show you what tools and how to use them safely. Remember, we want this to be an easy process for you at home and for us, here.

Make sure that you read thru our What Does It Cost and What Can I Expect page to see what is included in your pets grooming. Always be sure to ask your groomer what they include in prices. As a service industry, not all groomers are alike. Find the right one for you and your pet.

Pet grooming is definitely an art. We do not get the same luxuries of your hairdresser for absolute stillness and pointing our heads in one direction. We are basically working with sharp equipment on a moving target. All we can say is to please read “Hairdresser vs Dog Groomer” on our Humor page. This should give you a smile and explain what we can have happen on any given day.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

We ask that you be on time to your scheduled appointment. If you are going to be late or cannot make your scheduled time, please call us at 303-730-3200 and we can change the schedule accordingly. We understand that things happen and know more than anything a busy schedule can lead to forgetting appointments. So, we have implemented a 3 strikes policy. The 3rd time an appointment is missed; the charges will be added to the next groom. Dogs are booked based on what breed and how long it will take. If you are late or do not show up, the whole day can be effected.

I Just Decided To Do This Today...

Occasionally there is time to have a last-minute walk-in grooming. It never hurts to try! Please call to find out more if you are in a bind or need a specific service. We always accept walk-in nail trims. Sometimes we are in a time crunch and there could be a few minutes to wait. But our huge assortment of magazines and books can entertain you.

I Think My Pet Is Matted...

If it is going to be painful for the pet, we do not do it. De-matting certain coats is just cruel. Occasionally we can set aside time to work on certain hair types but for the most part, prevention is key. You are always welcome to come in between full groomings for a bath & brush out. Everything is still included, for a lesser amount except for the actual body hair cut/style.

All dogs that come in with excessive matting will have a surcharge applied based on severity and time required to fix it, starting at $20.

Remember – if you only bring your pet to us after the problem exists, they will always associate us with the pain or fear of that feeling. We are not here to punish your pets, coming in more often to PREVENT matting and behavior issues will ensure a happy, well adjusted animal.

Do You Work With Elderly Pets?

We have quite the assortment of ages in pets. When your pet reaches a certain age, it is better to provide what we like to call a “retirement clip”. They have done their time with those fancy foo foo clips. Now it is time to just be comfortable and easy. Needs of your special friend can be discussed when you set your appointment.

Brushing And Drying A Pet Involves What?

Most pets get brush burn if they are severely matted or have an overwhelming amount of undercoat that is to be removed. We oftentimes use our force dryer to safely remove the dead/unwanted undercoat. Occasionally this will also blow out matting if the coat texture is right for the process. This process can be time-consuming when done correctly. But the results are very much worth the wait. Most groomers do not fully understand ‘blowing out’ a coat. They have never been properly trained to execute that task. The average drying time for a small to medium dog is 30 minutes. If you have a standard poodle, there can be a minimum of 1 hour for drying alone. Most dogs are not comfortable with the dryer blowing air around their heads and ears. We will then allow them to finish drying in our cage dryer which is a low air flow circulating cage dryer.

Why Does It Take So Long? My Pet Doesn’t Like Being There.

On average, a pet may take 3-4 hours for a complete groom. If you have more than one pet, you can expect to double that time. However, we do try to accommodate our clients by grooming both pets and close intervals so that we are allowing you to take them both in that 4-hour time frame. Anything larger than 40 lbs will take more time. We try our best to get your pet out in a timely fashion, but with phone calls and people coming into the shop throughout the day, we can get behind. If you would like your pet finished in a shorter amount of time – we can set aside a time and day that won’t be so hectic. Please see “Dick & Jane Take Spot To The Groomers” under our humor section to fully appreciate our day.


Although your pet may act like a trip to the spa is complete torture, once you have left their sight, they willingly cooperate with the process. Most pets sleep and or hang out and watch what goes on. They are not stressed or upset. Sometimes, depending on the temperament, we allow pets to play with each other before we bathe them.

YOUR ANXIETY when you drop off your pet is why they act the way they do. If you walk in, hand over your pet and walk out with total confidence – your pet will feel 100% better about his/her upcoming groom. It would be like going to the dentist for a small child. It has to be done and you never regret it! We will talk to them, sing and even dance. Sometimes if they are super nervous, it may take longer to groom. In the end, you take home a happier pet.

Some pets have had very bad experiences with other groomers or have possibly had a traumatizing experience at home with children or other pets. All of this affects the way a pet will act while being groomed. We will be sure to let you know how your pet does for us.

Do You Work With Special Needs Dogs or Dogs Deemed Difficult?

Somehow we have earned the reputation of grooming difficult pets. Probably from generations of clients who have been ever so thankful that we were able to groom their pet and they did not have to go to their vet to have them sedated. Think of us as a Plan B. We are always happy to try grooming a difficult pet and then offering solutions for future appointments. A difficult pet will be charged a handling fee starting at $25. If the pet is biting and takes more than his/her groomer to complete, there could be additional charges base on time and how many groomers it required.

Check out our Surcharges drop down menu to see what the charges could be.

Does My Pet Get Cold In The Winter and Hot In The Summer?

This is a common misconception with all pet owners. Your pets body temperature and living conditions affect its comfort level. If you have an outdoor pet, yes, they can get cold or sunburned without their coat to protect them. If you have an indoor pet, any type of coat length is suitable year-round. We can always discuss this at the time of your pets grooming appointment.

My Dog Just Got Sprayed By A Skunk... Now What?

Okay – first things first, DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING TO COAT. By that I mean, do not bathe him/her yourself or apply tomato juice or whatever concoction you can think of. Call a.s.a.p. and we’ll get them odor free! This only works to take away any lingering smell if nothing has been done yet. If so, the odor is set and you’re going to smell skunk for the next year. We use the Oxyfresh De-Skunking Method. It costs more money but is well worth the clean smelling pet. Ask Nick Romano of Romano’s on Windemere & Littleton Blvd. That was the freshest cleanest smelling dog I had ever seen after a skunking. Prices range from $20-100 extra depending on size and coat and amount of re-applications.

Do You Offer Parasite Control and How Do I Prevent It?

Unfortunately, we often find the oogy boogy creepy crawlies on your pet. You don’t want to hear it, but you have to realize the dangers presented to our other clients currently at the shop. We will do what is necessary to kill the parasite and recommend a plan of action to stop future infestations. Most fleas, ticks and lice are killed easily with a flea shampoo. It is then recommended that you apply a spot on treatment such as Frontline to prevent re-infestation when you get home. You can purchase Advantax or Frontline from your veterinarian or Petsmart and Petco both now carry this. There are 3 doses per box. I would HIGHLY recommend a flea & lice preventative from March thru October. Due to the critters we see in this area (fox, rabbits, birds ect…) your pet may be more susceptible to what they carry. There are also more incidences of lice being picked up on dog trails and parks. Be careful – you don’t want to worry about an infestation in your house!

I Just Got A New Puppy!

We love puppies! Our process is built to establish a routine for your pet. We ask that puppies come after they are 16 weeks old and have all their proper vaccinations. From there, coming every 4 weeks is ideal for the first 6-8 months. Many doodle owners wait until the pet is matted (usually because their breeder said they do not mat up) and we see that pet at a year or older. The puppy is scared and has no idea what is going on. Add in their size. It is extremely difficult on our groomers to adjust an older puppy that has no background of grooming.

Puppies need exposure and consistency. We will teach them how to behave on a table, how to accept the grooming process, how to be calm and not fearful and most importantly how to respond to our tools and equipment. Most puppies can only handle their feet/face/fannies on their first visit. Haircuts can be scheduled based on how they are acclimating. Your groomer will go over what is appropriate when they meet your pup.

Yes, We Hand Strip Terriers and Sporting Breeds

Hand stripping requires a huge commitment on the owner and groomers part. If you truly want your pet hand stripped, the groomer will go over the rules and requirements once meeting your pet.
If you prefer to have the look to be similar to hand stripping but do not plan to show or maintain anything at home….. we can offer other solutions to achieve the look. Hand stripping is an hourly rate, typically costing anywhere from $90-500 per visit.

There are 3 ways to strip a coat:
Rolling, Staging or Full Strip.

Specific issues that we deem preventable are typically where you’ll see surcharges applied. Most often it is excessive matting. It can also be that the pet is overgrown, causing the process to take a long time. The pet is ill behaved from anxiety, aggression, painful joints, lack of training or previous bad experiences at OTHER grooming salons, veterinary clinics, at HOME, at doggie daycares or dog parks. It only takes one experience to ruin a dog. Our goal is to help the pet remain calm, accept the process and begin to enjoy it and happily come in to be groomed. This does take time and is not something that can be done overnight.

Sometimes we may have groomers that specifically work with difficult dogs. Aggressive animals that bite start at a $50 additional fee. If a larger breed, $100. Expect your grooming appointment times to double. We spend all necessary time with your pet to create a calm environment and/or complete the grooming. Some dogs are sedated. Some, we may ask that they are, in the future.