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About Us

Over 45 years of grooming

The Poodle Shop has been around for over 45 years, located in the Woodlawn Shopping Center near Historic Old Town Littleton in Colorado. It was purchased in 2005 by its current owner, Rachel Diller who has grown it to be a neighborhood commodity. Rachel is an award winning Nationally Certified Master Groomer  (through National Dog Groomer’s Association of America) as well as a Certified Feline Master Groomer, from the only accredited cat grooming school in the world (National Cat Groomer’s Institute Of America).

Rachel offers Certification and PPI Training for Cat Grooming through Urban Sophisticats.


1500 W Littleton Blvd #118
Littleton, Colorado 80120


8am-Finish by appointment only

Our Groomers are staggered throughout the day.  Some start earlier and some finish late.  If we are done, we head on home!

Occasionally Saturdays

Accepting Walk-Ins

Sometimes, we can accommodate last minute appointments.  Normally we are booked out 5-8 weeks depending on the season.

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we cater to all dog breeds

Grooming Services

Rough In

Every pet that comes to The Poodle Shop enjoys an all inclusive grooming.  Rachel, the owner, believes the choice shouldn’t come down to each individual cost for what a pet needs.  Your pet needs it all!  Spa Day!  We start with trimming the toe nails, followed by smoothing out with dremel.  Next, we clip in the sanitary trim if required groom.  Ear hair gets removed and ears cleaned.  We may pre-brush any tangled fur such as the ears and tail.  If the body is matted, we will either pre-shave or try to blow out and away from the skin with a high velocity dryer.  Now, onto the Bath!


We’ve set the bar here, at The Poodle Shop.  All pets receive a minimum of two baths or more depending on what we are trying to acheive. The first bath is geared towards cleaning the dirt/debris free from your pet. We will check the glands, make sure they need to be expressed first. Most big dogs handle it themselves. Little ones, they may need our assistance. This is also the time when we will flush the ears.  Sometimes ears need a good “detail”.  We will let you know if we believe the pet requires veterinary attention.

The second bath is where we will accomplish most of the deshedding as necessary.  The second bath could also be medicated, (we usually soak for a minimum of 20 min. with any medicated shampoo).  Most often we are using professional products to work with any pets’ particular needs.  Once we have a clean coat, we apply conditioner.  This could be to repair, moisturize, add volume or just simply to make sure the coat feels amazing following the appointment.

Blow Dry

We have trained every one of the groomers here on how to properly dry a coat.  Its quite amazing how many shops do not utilize the high velocity dryer to achieve results.  “Crazy Hands” Rachel calls them.  Drying fast and in a chaotic manner.  Don’t worry, she watches everyone like a hawk and makes sure this is actually a soothing process.  Correct drying, fluff drying, stretch drying…. however you see it, should result in a beautiful finish.  Curly, crimped hair often comes from cage drying.  Our clients are dried 99% by hand.  Our cage dryers are amazing, low circulating, calming, warm – never hot dryers.  Most dogs take a nap and dream of biscuits and cuddles.

When is cage drying necessary?  Older pets that cannot handle standing for long periods, puppies go here first to get used to noise and feeling, dogs that cannot handle getting dried around the head and any dog that needs a wavy/curly finish per owner or breed standard.

finish work

The pet is now brought back out front, we are doing the final brush out. We make sure all matts are gone . We make sure your pet is dry and coat is ready to be trimmed (if applicable) and add the finishing touches. 

Our groomers are fantastic at creating a unique style for your pet or following breed standards.  We also base the haircut length on how often your pet is getting groomed.

All of our groomers have their own instagram pages, check them out in the bios for photos!

About Us

The Poodle Shop is an All Breed Dog Grooming Spa. We offer multiple services for your 4 legged friends. 

what to expect

Professional advice, beautiful grooms and happy dogs!


Our pricing is structured around the time it takes to groom a particular breed. Check out our pricing page here. 

We provide professional 

Dog Grooming

Large & Giant Breeds

Our bathing and drying rooms are set up for those very days!

Unique Dogs?

That’s our specialty!  

Do you have a cat?

Wondering about our cat grooming services?  Check out our cat exclusive salon, located just one mile away in the heart of Littleton, Colorado. Urban Sophisticats

Why Choose Us

Here at The Poodle Shop, we cater to all breeds of dogs. We specialize in Poodles, Doodles, Large/Giant breeds and hand stripping of terrier breeds. Our services are all inclusive, not al-a-carte. What does that mean? We do exactly what your pet needs. We are not here compromise our standard of service. 

About us

Meet Our Groomers

rachel diller

Owner, Groomer | NCMG & CFMG

Mallory Egan


Amy Kish

Groomer @ The Poodle Shop & Urban Sophisticats

“Rachel has been grooming our golden doodle and chug for almost 8 years and she is the best! She is kind, gentle, loves dogs, and does a great job every time. We also call last minute and she always fits us in when she can, and my dogs don’t mind going at all. She even gives Christmas gifts. We live on the opposite end of town but wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Amanda M.