What We Do

Rachel-GroomingHere at The Poodle Shop, we cater to all breeds of dogs and cats. We specialize in poodles, large breeds, cats and hand stripping of terrier breeds. Our services are all inclusive, not al-a-carte. What does that mean? We do exactly what your pet needs. We are not here compromise our standard of service. Starting with a bath, blow dry, skin consultation, breed or personality trim and a finishing touch. There are different levels to how we achieve the look you may be going for. Our expert staff will lend an ear and help you decide on a manageable length for your furry friend! We can offer solutions to shedding pets and ease of care with elderly or special needs pets. Just ask!

We love our jobs. We can honestly say, there are hard days and this is not an easy job. We’ll do our best to point out solutions, offer advice. After all, we see your pets about 10 times a year more often than your veterinarian. We will be the first to notice a change in their weight or health. Often times, owners and yearly or bi-yearly veterinary visits miss things, we do not. We have those chances to take a fine tooth comb (literally) through the pet’s entire body. We see the skin and coat. We find the injuries or ailments. Please allow us the time to properly handle and groom your animals, because, after all, we are the unofficial workers in the field.

The industry is changing. Many clients have an idea of time and quality in their minds. That is okay. Ask us what we can do to achieve that. We want you to be happy. We want your pet leaving feeling superb. We may be direct in our approach, but this works both ways. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, suggest changes in trim style or ask that we put more bling on your pet. We hope you do!!