Human Haircuts vs. Dog Haircuts

Average Time Spent 15-40 Min 60-240 Min
Haircut & Style Head Included Included
Haircut & Style Body Not Included Included
Wash & Dry Extra Charge Included
Poopy Butt Cleaning Not Available Included
Anal Glands Expressed Not Available Included
Nails/Manicure Separate Service ~ Extra Charge Included
Nails/Pedicure Separate Service ~ Extra Charge Included
Ear Cleaning Not Available Included
Sanitary Trim Not Available Included
Tick Removal Not Available Included
Flea Shampoo Treatment Not Available Included
Treatment Of Skin Problems Refusal Of Service Medicated Wash ~ Included
Skunk Treatment Refusal Of Service Extra Charge
Shaving Privates Requested Arrest & Charges Filed Standard
Peeing Out In Front Of Salon Arrest & Charges Filed Normal
Client Jumping Around While Sharp Objects Are In Use Refusal Of Service Normal
Client Poo/Pee On Table/Chair Refusal Of Service, Possible Charges Filed Cleaned Up
Client Biting Arrest & Assault Charges Filed Muzzle Or Sent Home
Cost Of Dryers $20-40 $250-600 (x 2 – 4 dryers)
Cost Of Clippers $60-120 $100-450 (x 2 – 4 pairs)
Cost Of Shampoo (by gallon) $10-25 $30-60 (dilutes 16-1)
Clean Up Time 2 Minutes 15-40 Minutes
Parents Calling About Release Time Doesn’t Happen/Refusal Of Service 3-4 Times Per Day

Store Hours & Location

8am-6pm by appointment only

Please allow 2-4 hours per pet.

1500 W Littleton Blvd #118
Littleton, CO 80120

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Rachel has been grooming our golden doodle and chug for almost 8 years and she is the best! She is kind, gentle, loves dogs, and does a great job every time. We also call last minute and she always fits us in when she can, and my dogs don’t mind going at all. She even gives Christmas gifts. We live on the opposite end of town but wouldn’t go anywhere else.