Rachel Diller ~ NCMG, CFMG

Rachel-DillerHi everyone! I have been involved with animals since I can remember. It started with what I could sneak into my room at a young age (lizards, fish, frogs, chinchillas, birds – you name it, I’ve probably owned it!). Working in the pet industry has been such a pleasure. I’ve worked for Joe Markham, owner of the Kong Company. Mentored under George Alston, who was one of the top handlers for AKC conformation events. Trained under Danelle German, at the only school in the world for Cat Grooming, NCGIA. Managed several premiere boarding kennels, some holding well over 180 dogs and 40 cats. Worked with prestigious dog trainers, volunteered my time with many AKC All Breed Clubs, have been on the board of Colorado Professional Pet Groomers Association and Rocky Mountain Mastiff Fancier’s group. I am a National Certified Master Groomer and a Certified Master Feline Groomer. Competing and staying current with industry trends is at the top of my list. I have close friends in every breed and have mentored under them to become the skilled groomer I am today. It has been a wonderful unfolding of experiences.

I’ve been breeding English Mastiffs since 1998 under the name Magnum Mastiffs.  I am a huge advocate of health testing, proper rearing and what is produced down the line.  Unless pups go to an approved conformation show home, they are strictly on a Limited Registration and required to spay or neuter.  You may see one of these guys on your visit to the shop!  I’m also very excited that in 2018 & 2019 my pup from Marbles was the #1 Mastiff in America!  That is unbelievable and I am so proud of his owners! Cash is a littermate to Arai.  Arai is mother to my newest show potential boy, Viggo.  I’ll try to add updates as we go. 

Other animals in my life over the years: English Springer Spaniels (sister shows and has had many) German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Afghan Hounds, Persians, Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese.

Charlene Dwyer ~ Terrier Specialist

charleneMy family and I have raised Kerry Blue Terriers since 1956, under the kennel name Casey Kerry Blue Terriers.  My father started with Scottish Terriers.  So, you can see, terriers run in my blood.  I met Rachel a long time ago as she was prepping a Kerry Blue for a client of ours (for show), she was working at a shop for someone else at the time.  I called to compliment her on the job she did and introduce myself as the breeder.  My mother, Lois and I have been friends with her ever since.  I can usually be found at a dog show with any one of our dogs, keeping my schedule somewhat exclusive.  My mother and I own a Bedlington Terrier, German Pinscher as well as the Kerry Blues.  We finished our first ever Bred By Exhibitor bitch, Champion Casey’s Pawsatively Choice (Pearl) in April 2015 at the Sunflower Cluster. She was 13 mos old. Pearl was co-bred with Odebt and Bill Massey, Pawsatively Handling.

I groom all breeds, but specialize in Terriers (Cairn Terriers, Kerry Blues, Bedlingtons, Border Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Westies, Wire Fox Terriers, Norfolk/Norwich, Australian Terriers, Airedale Terriers etc…) I secretly want a chihuahua and our house cat, Lola.  She loves me so.

One of our most special boys GCH Velvety Quarterback Sneak aka “Peyton” was also used by owner Rachel Diller in the National Dog Groomers Associations’ Colorado Groomfest winning Best Groomed Dog in Division B.  He looked great and made us very proud.  My brother operates a mobile grooming business, but I choose to work with Rachel and her amazing team of professionals.  This is where I can learn and grow as a groomer but I suppose, occasionally, I may help out my brother.  If he asks nicely.  I’m an avid photographer, most of my work can be seen at Blue Lamb Dog Photography.  My sense of humor is unparalleled and if you need a good breeder referral, let me know!

Kelli Wright – Groomer

Hello! I’m Kelli, I am a dog groomer of 11.5 years (2008) working with all kind of dogs! Versatile, compassionate, and quality are my key traits. 

Little introduction about me…. I knew ever since I was young that I was meant to work with animals, but was not sure in what field. I worked in animal hospitals, raised dogs & had a whole lot of pets ranging from ferrets, sugar gliders, a bearded dragon, and even went to college for Vet Tech for a year. 

I fell in love with the dog grooming world when I got a job at Petco & trained extensively with a Master Groomer while I became professionally certified. I was there for 5 years with the last two years being the Grooming Salon Manager. I then moved on to continue my grooming career at a dog daycare/ boarding facility where I was grooming for 4 years to experience something different. After that, I felt it was time to expand my skills even more when I got a new job at a show level grooming salon for the following two years. This is where I learned the majority of scissoring work on Poodles and other breed specific techniques! 

In 2017, I wanted a BIG change with my life and made the decision to move out of Illinois/western suburbs where I am originally from (Go Cubbies!) and to beautiful Colorado! I started to look around for grooming jobs in beginning of 2018 and here I am working at The Poodle Shop! 

Grooming has become my huge passion and I strongly believe in making the dog’s grooming process stress free with positive reinforcements, a great attitude and of course, tons of patience in an unique sense! While applying my knowledge of both the American Kennel Club’s breed standard cuts and dog’s wellness/health, your dog will definitely go home looking and feeling amazing!

I have three dogs, Loba & Alfie, who are tiny but mighty! My newest is Navia who was adopted in 2019.  She is the ultimate Colorado Dog! I love to travel when I can, be active & enjoy the outdoors in my spare time as well as relaxing at home! 


Lisa Martinez – Groomer

Lisa comes to us from various stages of the pet industry.  I’ve actually known her quite some time as I worked with her mother at KONG.  My how time flies and you have new family to surround you.

She is owned by two Border Terriers, a Clumber Spaniel, an Oriental Shorthair and a British Shorthair.  She competes in Barn Hunt Trials, Conformation Events and few TICA Cat Shows!  We both had a Mastiff and a Clumber about 15 years ago, in fact, Atria was used for my first ever grooming event in the Sporting class. 


Mirely Torregrosa – Groomer

Mirely Torregrosa

Mirely comes to us from another local shop here in Littleton, the Ken Caryl Pet Spa.  She decided to make some changes and is working towards community care visits for her senior clients.  She previously owned and operated her very own salon in Puerto Rico.  She has been a wonderful addition to the salon and with experience with her very own senior pet, has lots of patience and love to give. 

Mirely is extremely passionate about the dogs in her care and the clients she works with.  Kosita is her blind senior Shih Tzu.  She runs the house and gets the best care, hands down.

She has years of experience as a Veterinary Technician, is CPR/First Aid Certified and even speaks Spanish.  What a gem we discovered!


Abbey Sagcal – Groomer

Abbey Sagcal

Abbey flew in from Dallas to do a working interview for The Poodle Shop.  I handed her two breeds she had never seen in person or groomed for that matter.  Guess what, the Kerry Blue Terrier could have gone in the show ring.  The other dog was a Bedlington Terrier.  Abbey was excited to try something new and fearless of what was to come.  We are extremely pleased to have her join our team.

She is eager to continue her grooming career and further my knowledge of breed cuts and grooming techniques such as hand stripping. I hope to learn from Certified Master Groomers and I aspire to become certified as well. Abbey was looking for a salon that not only appreciates her passion for detail & maximizing quality, but also wants to help her continue to grow in an industry that desperately needs it.


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Rachel has been grooming our golden doodle and chug for almost 8 years and she is the best! She is kind, gentle, loves dogs, and does a great job every time. We also call last minute and she always fits us in when she can, and my dogs don’t mind going at all. She even gives Christmas gifts. We live on the opposite end of town but wouldn’t go anywhere else.